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Connect with your ideal clients in the digital world where they live, work and play.

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Your website is your Mother Ship–the center of your company’s universe. Launched correctly, your marketing campaigns orbit your website and send prospects there.

If your site immediately assures them they’re in the right place, speaks to them in a language they understand and provides the level of interaction they expect, prospects can become clients.

Developing a strategy that supports the goals of your website comes first. Graphic design, content and functionality must flow together to pull visitors into your website the moment they arrive. The design, content and functionality of your site keeps them engaged and delivers a persuasive call to action on every page.

Sometimes connecting with your prospects requires more complicated functionality of your website and in-depth programming. For example, interactive quizzes that combine if-then algorithms and video applications.

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Social Media Platforms

We tackle all the logistics from start to finish or complete any of the small tasks that you don’t have time to do yourself. For example, if you want a presence on any or all of the above but want nothing to do with it, we will:

set up all the accounts, design the pages, provide profile images, and format cover photos to fit the latest layouts of any given social media site

write or syndicate posts from your website or any other content you provide in any given time increment to make it seem like you are the one who is running the updates

interact with fans and followers who engage with your profile

In addition, we also work with social network promotion platforms around the world to promote our clients by acquiring real likes, follows, talking abouts, check ins, 5-star ratings, views, pluses, tweets, re-tweets, vines, revines, pins, repins, plays and downloads.

Connect with your ideal clients in the digital world where they live, work and play.